Established in 2010, TWCS was founded by Ramon and Mia Pacheco who are both in the healthcare business abroad.  They have recognized that there is a strong need in the Philippine market for access to advanced wound products such as PolyMem dressing.  TWCS is a company that will be providing accurate, evidence based information and practical tools to the many health professionals striving to improve delivery of wound care and promote quality outcomes of their patients.


TWCS is proud of its main product line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market.  The main features and benefits of its core products to its customers include that PolyMem belongs to an innovative class of adaptable wound care dressings classified as a “Multifunctional Dressing”.  Some of the strengths and capabilities of its core products as it pertains to shelf life, durability and availability include that PolyMem dressing’s effectively cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum.  No other single wound dressing combines these four key wound-healing capabilities like PolyMem.


Another brand included in our main product line is “HyTape” which works synergistically with PolyMem, zinc oxide base, latex free, flexible, washable and waterproof.


TWCS has experienced management and marketing team with a strong clinical background and business expertise.  Mia Pacheco is a Board Certified Wound Care Nurse in Chicago, IL for over 15 years.  Her accomplishments include the development of a wound care program in a hospital based Home Health Agency.  She has served as wound care consultant and preceptor and contributed an article at the Ostomy Wound Management journal.  She has done several case studies and presented an abstract and posters at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society in the USA.   She is a member of the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Society in the US. Ramon Pacheco has an Accounting and Economics degree and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Care for Life Home Health, Inc. which is based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  The company also partnered with three physicians and a sales consultant who are all based in Manila, Philippines.


The Philippines demands a distribution company with a dedicated management team who possess an extensive amount of industry knowledge and experience.  TWCS has all this to offer and the management team will put its finger on the pulse of the market demands.  TWCS is the solution for high quality, cost effective wound care dressing. We are focused on evidence based information and patient education and will assist in the prevention and treatment of any skin breakdown.



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